Feeding New York State currently administers more than $5 million in grants from New York State, Feeding America, private foundations and individuals


Nourish New York: $50,000,000

Nourish New York is now an annual program providing funding to the ten member food banks of Feeding New York to purchase New York State-produced farm products. This accomplishes two goals: it provides market support to farmers, fishermen and food processors who have been impacted by the economic effects of the pandemic while getting high-quality food to hungry New Yorkers.

Feeding America Boundless Collaboration, phase 2: $800,000

18-month grant to continue New York’s dairy leadership. This grant provides capacity-building for better teamwork, operations research and support to distribute additional dairy products, primarily fresh milk, to food pantries using innovative distribution methods.

Feeding America Regional Agricultural Support: $733,062

One-year grant. Goal: provide fresh produce from local farms to New York food banks, with trucks configured as mixed loads of 4-6 products. This enables smaller food banks to better handle the products compared to truckloads of single products. This grant will also provide substantial quantities of cheese to be shipped to New York’s food banks.

Department of Environmental Conservation: $500,000

Three-year grant. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation awarded this additional grant to help support the Food Donation and Food Scraps Recycling Act, giving Feeding New York State the tools necessary to educate food waste generators on their waste-reduction obligations and connect potential donors to the charitable food network.
So far: This grand has recovered 2.4M pounds of food

Feeding America: $343,000

Three-year grant. This grant from Feeding America further supports Feeding New York State’s efforts to educate food waste generators on their waste-reduction obligations and connect potential donors to the charitable food network. We are grateful to Feeding America for partnering with us and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to ensure that the right mix of resources would be available to do this project well.

Feeding America SNAP Cohort: $195,000

This three-year, $195,000 grant provides support for the improvement of SNAP program administration in New York. Builds capacity for additional advocacy related to SNAP implementation.

Department of Health Venison Grant: $175,000

Annual grant. The goal of this grant is to obtain donated, fully processed venison from hunters and processors in New York. Venison is a good source of lean protein. In 2020 our goal is to obtain at least 67,345 pounds of venison and other lean proteins to feed hungry New Yorkers.


Empire State Development: $2,000,000

Feeding New York State exceeded the goal of this grant. This grant was given in order to divert unmarketable food out of municipal landfills and put it to its highest use feeding hungry New Yorkers by funding the purchase of food-handling equipment such as trucks, pallet jacks, forklifts etc. The goal was to divert 20,348,074 pounds of excess edible food from landfills per year, resulting in a reduction of 544,131 pounds per year of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, by providing direct capital assistance to local food banks across New York State. The actual achievement has been much greater. More than 32,286,608 pounds of excess food had been rescued annually in the first three years.
Goal: Accomplished and surpassed by more than 12m pounds of rescued food per year.

Department of Environmental Conservation: $1,500,000

Three-year grant. This grant provided operational funding that facilitated the distribution of 6,700,000 pounds of New York-grown produce that would otherwise have been left unharvested, as well as significant quantities of milk and dairy products. By using this otherwise-wasted food to feed New Yorkers in need, the environmental costs of the food’s production are borne usefully; less milk is dumped, and these products are used for their highest purpose.

Feeding America: $1,400,000

Eight-month grant. This grant provided funds for a New York State “Fresh To Go” produce and dairy box program. The program supplied pre-packed boxes of fresh food to our food banks. These boxes were easier for food banks, food pantries and clients to handle, and supported the low-social-contact method of food distribution while the pandemic was ongoing. The dairy and produce going into these boxes originated in New York state, and the boxes were packed by a New York-based company. More than 92,000 Fresh To Go boxes with nearly two million pounds of food were provided to hungry New Yorkers.
Goal: Accomplished

Department of Environmental Conservation: $800,000

Two-and-a-half-year grant. This grant provided support to staff handling additional donated food. The DEC sought to reduce the landfilling of food scraps through increased food donation and food scrap recycling. The goal was to increase the amount of donated food that food banks across New York could distribute. At the close of the grant on March 31, 2020, the program was deemed a success, having helped food banks distribute more donated food than ever before.

Feeding America: $526,000

Three-year grant. Feeding America provided this grant to launch and operate a statewide produce sourcing program, with a goal of providing 53 million pounds of fresh produce to member food banks and to the nationwide food bank network. New York’s productive agricultural sector allowed us export donated food to food banks in other states, feeding our neighbors in need.
Goal: Exceeded by over 20M pounds.

Nourish New York Private Donations: $300,000

Six-month grant. As part of former Governor Cuomo’s pandemic response, he asked New Yorkers to make private donations to a Nourish New York fund. This fund was administered by Feeding New York State to provide operational aid to food pantries and other charity food programs, such as equipment purchases or vehicle rentals. The goal was to enable volunteer-operated community programs to provide more food to those in need.

Feeding America: $185,000

Boundless Collaboration funding supported the planning phase of members and dairy representatives testing dairy distribution models that will support the development of a statewide dairy distribution program.

Ford Foundation: $100,000

One-year grant. This grant provided funding to obtain fresh produce and transport it to our ten-member food banks. The goal was to obtain and transport 670,000 pounds of food by spring of 2021.

Walton Family Foundation: Ford Foundation: $100,000

Six-month grant. This grant provided funding to obtain New York-grown fresh produce and transport it to our ten member food banks. The goal was to obtain and transport 670,000 pounds of food by September 1, 2020.

Guinness Foundation: $100,000

Grant to support Fresh To Go program and Produce Acquisition. Supporting nutritious perishables such as fruit and vegetables being shipped to NYS members to assist with increased meal requests.

American Dairy Association North East: $91,466.75

One-year funding (Sept 2020-Sept 2021). These funds supported the research position that created the Food Bank Network Study on Dairy Consumption. The project identified barriers of access to dairy for low-income New Yorkers, primarily peopledependent on the charitable food network; and developed a research model to show how to reduce barriers of access and increase dairy consumption for NYS residents utilizing the food bank network.

Feeding America, $25,000

This grant was provided to Feeding New York State as an unrestricted resource to support our efforts in the COVID-19 pandemic response. With these funds, we purchased PPE (masks and gloves) for our member food banks to ensure better food safety and staff health protection during an exceptionally high-risk period.

Feeding America: $25,000

For Federal Advocacy support. Funding supported the work of Feeding NYS as we communicated with Federal elected officials to support SNAP, the Child Tax Credit and anti-hunger efforts among serving Military families.

GEICO Philanthropic Foundation: $10,000

Grant for Fresh To Go Program – helped transport wholesome boxes of fresh produce and dairy items for our members for immediate distribution to communities they serve.

Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s Outdoor Fund: $5,000

Two-month grant. The Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Outdoor Fund provided a grant to support Feeding New York State’s Venison Acquisition Program, helping fund the processing and distribution of donated deer to food pantries across the state.