Together, we can increase the amount of food getting to hungry New Yorkers

Through the Nourish New York initiative and Statewide Sourcing Program, farmers and food processors can help supply NY food banks and receive fair compensation for their efforts. Feeding New York State has staff dedicated to helping you take full advantage of these programs.


Nourish NY

The Nourish NY initiative provides $25 million in funding to food banks for the purchase of surplus agricultural food products.

New York farmers, suppliers and processors are encouraged to share details about their available products so food banks across the state can find New York agricultural food products to purchase and distribute to communities in need.

Statewide Sourcing Program

Many NY farmers generously donate surplus products to their local food banks. But sometimes the amount of food donated is more than a single food bank can effectively distribute. Feeding New York State helps NY farmers connect with all ten NY food banks at once through the Statewide Sourcing Program. 

We invite county-level farm bureaus and farmers across our great state to contact Jim Germain, our director of statewide produce and logistics, for direct assistance in coordinating donations.