The Food Bank Association relies on donations to keep the organization running. Your donations will allow more food to flow into the food banks, and help educate the public about the impact of hunger. If you would like to contribute, there are several ways that you could help.

Donate Money

To make a tax-deductible monetary donation to the Food Bank Association, please send your check to the following mailing address. Your contribution will allow us to continue to serve the millions of people who depend on food banks for support.

Feeding New York State
25 Elk Street
Suite 201
Albany, NY 12207

Or through PayPal here: Food Bank Association of NYS

If you would like to make your contribution directly to your local food bank, you can use the links below.

Donate Food

Your local food bank relies on contributions from individuals, retailers, growers, and manufacturers to keep their warehouses full, and their communities served. If you are interested in making a donation of food, you can find your food bank below.

Food Bank Donation Pages

Donation Pickup

New York food banks strive to make donating as easy as possible. If you are unable to drop your donations off directly, you can have one of our trucks pick them up for you. Contact your local food bank if you would like to schedule a pickup.


The Food Bank Association has partnered with several industries in order to gain more donations, a few of which are listed below.

Farm Donations

The Food Bank Association has established a very strong partnership with NY Farm Bureau. By partnering with the NY Farm Bureau, food banks from all across the state are able to receive donations of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and other farm-related goods from thousands of local farms. The donation program allows farmers to donate their product all year long, at any food bank in New York State. The food banks will arrange pick-up, weigh-in products, and give the donor a receipt for tax purposes. For more information on how farmers can help us feed the hungry through the donation of excess or surplus produce please contact us at (518) 407-7603.


Many truckers are not aware of the Food Bank Association and the role we play in directing donors (both producers and transporters) to the eight regional food banks located across New York State. Oftentimes food producers, supermarkets, and trucking companies are faced with deciding what to do with excess product. With other shipments waiting and schedules to be made, do producers warehouse excess product? Have truckers haul it to another location? Dump it? Oftentimes truckers have perfectly good product that is refused (for whatever reason) and they need to get to their next destination with an empty truck. What do they do? This dilemma is often compounded when they are in a part of the state where they do not know where to find a place to donate their product. Good news is that food banks can often take it off your hands. The food banks can also give you documentation enabling donors to take credit for donations when taxes are filed. For more information on where to make a donation call The Food Bank Association at (518) 407-7603.

Supermarkets/Convenience Stores

How can the supermarkets, convenience stores, and other retailers help our mission to end hunger? Businesses often serve as the best supporters of the food banks. By donating goods to the food banks, stores often find that food items close to their expiration date, cosmetically damaged goods, or surplus items, need not go to waste. These goods can be donated to local food banks. Donations of these food items cuts down on the waste of perfectly good, though unsaleable, food; reduces the amount of product that needs to be discarded and land-filled; and affords interested and civic-minded companies a tax deduction. Overall, these charitable donations help alleviate hunger in one’s community.

Venison Donation Program

Many farmers, hunters, processors, partners, individuals and sportsmen’s federations, have assisted the Venison Donation Coalition with their efforts. Since 2000, together they coordinated the collection and distribution of over 400,000 pounds of ground venison – highly nutritious, low fat, high protein meat – for distribution by food banks to those in need. For more information access the Venison Donation web page at: